Noelle Tru Davis Memorial Fund

Benefitting Sunrise Kids Care Center



The Noelle Davis Memorial Fund directly supports Sunrise Kids, a gospel-believing ministry run by Paul and Mary Kamunge in rural Kenya that provides orphaned children affected by and/or infected with HIV/AIDS basic necessities and hope in Jesus Christ. Learn more below or donate by noting the code for Noelle's Memorial fund, 287H, in the "special instructions" field. All donations are tax-deductible.

Sunrise Kids is an untraditional orphanage; the program is set to run one or two days per week including holidays, depending upon the school schedule of the children. The children are taught about the Lord and discipled in the Word.

  • Conversations: Every month, the families or caretakers of the children who attend Sunrise Kids receive food supplies. They come to Sunrise in order to pick up their food, and they are engaged in conversations about the Lord (in Mary’s words, “many, many conversations”). Houses, cows, and sheep have also been provided for these families based upon need. The children are also taught life skills during the day of the program, such as bathing or making soap. 
  • Teaching: The Sunrise Kids Care Center teaches a regular VBS program. The children who become believers are taught and confirmed through discipleship class. Typically only one child per family is taken into the program at a time so that the maximum number of families can hear the gospel.
  • Church: The Sunrise children frequently bring their friends and siblings to the church the Kamunge's also serve. The pastor and leadership of the church see consistent growth in both numbers and depth of spiritual understanding in the children who come in connection with Sunrise Kids.


Updates on the Memorial Fund

Story of Starting the Memorial Fund, est. 2013

Days after our oldest daughter went to heaven, we prayed for an existing ministry to support in her memory that would be: 1) a place where children might not get to make life-long memories with their parents since we would not be able to make those with Noelle, and most importantly, 2) present children the opportunity to hear about the gospel because the Lord has so mercifully and graciously gave heaven to Noelle. Sunrise Kids was an answer to prayer, a ministry of Paul and Mary Kamunge, whom we had known as missionaries from our childhood home church. Choosing this ministry for Noelle's memorial fund is so fitting in that it gives children the hope of heaven with Christ--the very same hope that Noelle causes us as parents to remember with joy. Because Noelle now knows the Lord in full, she loves Him most. So, His gospel is her dearest passion.  We believe that there is no work she would more love for us to support in her memory than this one. Here is a quotation from my first blog post about the memorial fund in 2013:

Yesterday, the day after my very first Mother’s Day, I was continuing my weeks-long process of organizing everything related to Noelle and our pregnancy.  I came across the little notes I made from our first few doctors appointments containing all of my questions for the doctor, including my note about what kind of prenatal vitamin to take.  It struck me – I went through the entire pregnancy experience, I took those right vitamins and did everything else I knew about or could think of to take care of my girl.  Yet, at the end of our 42 weeks of loving her while pregnant, we have no Noelle. 

At that moment, alone here in the house, I wept and plunged into the depths of my God in prayer asking Him, “why?” – not to indicate even for a moment that the pain of right now, for which I have no words, means that He has demonstrated even one ounce of malice or evil in bringing this into our lives.  No, my God is good, apart from anything in our life that is bad.  I asked the “why?” in order to, again, be deeply and sweetly assured of His sovereignty.  If Noelle had been taken from us for no reason or as a mistake or “just one of those things” or because I could have – at all – done anything differently, I don’t know that I could bear it.  No, she was taken from us by the sovereign hand of God.  “Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways,” (Rom 11:33)! How great and unsearchable that God can bring beauty and goodness from even this.  His sovereignty is our only solid place. “From Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever. Amen,” (Rom 11:36, emphasis mine).

As I continued to organize all of our “Noelle memories,” I came across the print-out of the contact information for the pediatrician we planned to use for Noelle.  While another wave of sadness did come over me, I remembered, again, that while on one hand, she will not need the pediatrician because she is sadly not here, on the other hand, she will not need the pediatrician because she is not here but with Him! She is not here, but she is somewhere better where there is no need for pediatricians! In fact, God made her directly and only for that better place.  I think that means she is someone special.  Even more importantly to both her and me, He is the Someone most special and most worthy.  Now that she sees Him, she knows Him and she loves Him.  She and I have the connection of having the same passion - wanting to see others know Him as I know Him and, eventually, as she now knows Him.  She would want the message of salvation from evil and sin and brokenness through Jesus Christ alone to go forward.  

For that reason – as one way that can happen – Tyler and I would like to announce with joyful hearts the creation of the Noelle Tru Davis Memorial Fund.  Within days after our heartbreak, God placed the desire on Tyler’s heart to create this fund.  And ever since losing Noelle, I have loved seeing children – and I now see them everywhere! – because I love that there are parents who do get to hold their living and breathing babies and go on to make sweet memories with those children. So, when Tyler suggested this idea, I immediately thought that Noelle’s fund should benefit a gospel-centered ministry that focuses on children who – for different reasons from Noelle – may not get to make life-long memories with their parents.